DigiPix Air specializes in aerial digital imagery. Our Transport Canada certified pilots can put our drones close to the action in places  that traditional aerial platforms could only dream of flying.

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Aerial Images

We can operate in congested spaces or wide open vistas using the latest drone technologies. We record video at 4K resolutions and can stream live feeds in 720 or 1080 HD. Stills captured from our drones are at 20 mega-pixels.

Flight Time

Each flight can last for around 25 minutes. We always have enough power with us for multiple flights and if there is a power source nearby we can shoot all day or night. Extreme temperatures and other weather conditions will limit flight times.

Indoor Flight

Our highly skilled drone pilots can use their skills indoors in places like large warehouses, hangers, factories or sporting and concert venues. Indoor locations are not subject to any airspace restrictions but we do adhere to strict safety protocols.


At DigiPix we fly one of the most technologically advanced drones on the market the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+.

Safety is the most important aspect of any flight and the Phantom 4 offers a number of safety protocols including four direction obstacle avoidance sensors.

The onboard camera system bosts a 1″ sensor that delivers full 4K resolutions at up to 60 frames per second. It has a mechanical shutter for better imaging and takes still images at 20 megapixels for stunning detail.

If speed is a shoot requirement the Phantom can reach speeds of over 70 kph (that’s fast).

With visioning sensors on five sides of the aircraft the Phantom 4 Pro+ can be safely flown indoors. Its the perfect vehicle to get dramatic cinematic images in large spaces like wharehouses, hangers or factories.



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